La Finca de Hamberto Farm

La Finca de Hamberto is a small-scale sustainable farm in Vieques, Puerto Rico, home to the educational project AVES (Apoyo en Vieques para la Educación y la Sostentabilidad). We are a proud member of the Vieques Agricultural Collective.

La Finca operates as a learning farm. As such, we host educational seminars, assist others with at-home gardening and livestock raising, and preparing for natural disasters through food security. Currently, 99% of the food on Vieques is brought from mainland Puerto Rico by ferry which is often unreliable in inclement weather.

The farm is built primarily from recycled materials that were destined for landfills/dumps. We currently have: chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, and of course our namesake, Hamberto the pig, and some of his friends.

We grow a variety of native fruits and vegetables including: yuca, yautía, aji dulce, gandules, and plantains. We also maintain tomatoes, two types of cabbage, passiofruit, squash, and eggplants.

We are constantly expanding the space available for growing more food. We have partnered with several local restaurants here on Vieques to rescue their excess and divert it away from the landfill, here for use at La Finca. Since the program began in 2018, we estimate we have saved over twenty-thousand pounds of usable excess from the landfill.

You can learn more about La Finca and keep up to date on our activities by joining our Facebook page, or by following us on Instagram @LaFincaDeHamberto.

We are part of WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and we also host farm volunteers via WorkAway. If you are interested in visiting, we provide lodging and meals, rewarding and impacting volunteer opportunities, and a fun learning environment. There are some commitments necessary for volunteers due to COVID and the training requirement to work the farm effectively. Because of these concerns, we ask for a commitment of at least 5 hours of work for 6 days a week, with intention to stay at least a month. Contact us below or via WWOOF or WorkAway.

Due to Covid19, we are following strict protocols in accepting volunteers. We want to ensure safety for both the community and our volunteers. Please contact us for further details regarding testing and travel.

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