Meet our farm’s namesake, Hamberto.

La Finca de Hamberto is a small-scale and self-sustained farm in Vieques, Puerto Rico. We are a proud member of the Vieques Agricultural Collective and home to the educational project Apoyo en Vieques para la Educación y la Sostentabilidad (Support in Vieques for Education and Sustainability or AVES).

We operate as a learning farm. Through this we are able to host educational seminars, assist others with at home gardening and animal husbandry, and help the island prepare for natural disasters by ensuring food security. Currently 99% of the food consumed on Vieques must be brought from mainland Puerto Rico by ferry which is often unreliable in inclement weather and downright dangerous during hurricanes and other severe weather.

The construction of the farm was achieved primarily through the use of recycled materials that were destined for landfills. As you can see in the picture of our chicken palace, the animal enclosures, and the fences, we can get quite creative with the applications. This was constructed primarily with wooden pallets that would have gone to the landfill or been destroyed in another manner.

We are always trying to increase the space, and efficiency, with which we grow our food. We currently grow a variety of native fruits and vegetables including: yuca, aji dulce, and plantains just to name a few. We have also partnered with several local restaurants on Vieques to rescue their excess and find a use for it rather than letting it waste away in a landfill. By our estimation we have saved over 20,000 pounds of usable excess from the landfill since we began this program in 2018.