Energy-Independent Cancer Support Facility on Vieques Launches with Blue Ion – Blue Planet Energy

“. . . The Resiliency Hub program involves equipping community centers with off-grid energy independence, water, communications, and gardening resources. . . Edgar Oscar Ruiz, Executive Director of Sail Relief Team, commented ‘We are grateful to have been able to collaborate and partner with everyone involved to make this a reality. We have helped create a resiliency hub in the island municipality of Vieques, that will help not only the community, but the patients dealing with cancer.’ . . .”

Working Towards an Affordable, Reliable, Resilient Energy Future for Puerto Rico – Nikola Power

“. . . ‘After two days of engaging conversations, presentations, and thought leadership, I had finally confirmed an opportunity through contacts at Sail Relief Team to join a volunteer effort on the island of Vieques. . . the home of a family who not only lost part of their home and source of income as a result of the storm, but suffered additional loss when a generator caught fire after the storm and destroyed the inside of the home’. . .”

Tabuchi Powers Vieques, Puerto Rico Sun Bay Resort – Business Wire

“. . . Tabuchi America, the world’s leading residential hybrid solar-plus-storage manufacturer, announced today that the company’s Eco Intelligent Battery System (EIBS) was instrumental in the re-opening of the world famous Sun Bay Public Beach. . . The company collaborated with the Sail Relief Team, Resilient Power PR, Solar for Puerto Rico and New Energy, PR to complete the Sun Bay project. . . ‘The Tabuchi system is now powering the main Balneario building, which includes the Arenamar Concession stand, public restrooms, and safety lighting,’ according to Oscar Ruiz, Director of Sail Relief Team. . .”

Balneario en Vieques será el primero en reabrir con 100% energía solar – Noticel

(Translated from Spanish) “. . . The Sombe de Vieques spa will be the first spa in Puerto Rico to reopen after Hurricane Maria, fully powered by solar energy. . . It is an initiative between the non-profit organization Sail Relief Team and the solar company Tabuchi Electric. . . According to Edgar Oscar Ruiz, Director of Sail Relief Team, the initiative will help the local economy by allowing neighboring businesses to open. . .”

Footprint Project empowering communities in Puerto Rico with SEI solar education – Solar Energy International

“. . . Footprint Project used Solar Energy International (SEI) curriculum to train workers from Puerto Rico communities in the design and installation of a 2.5KW PV battery system, to help with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief efforts after hurricane Maria. . . Founder and Director of Footprint Project, William Heegaard: ‘I want to thank all the partners that were involved: Solar Energy International (SEI)Bosque ModeloMutual Aid Disaster ReliefSail Relief TeamRock Spring UCC’. . .”

Teaming up with Sail Relief Team supporting Puerto Rico – Eco Glitter

“. . . Artists specializing a variety of mediums will sell Ecoglitter branded with the Sail Relief Team logo at festivals around the country raising money for Sail Relief Team projects. . .”