Vieques Lee (Vieques Reads) Project, supporting local education and literature

Vieques Lee, a project of Community Through Colors, DBA Sail Relief Team

Vieques Lee is a community led project with a goal to increase the availability of literature by cataloging and creating a central, internet accessible portal where readers will be able to view and search through the various collections of literary and multimedia resources that are located on the island of Vieques.

However, the Island of Vieques does not boast a public library. Rather, there are several smaller agencies which have collections of information resources in various formats. There is a minimum estimated 5000 items held across the Vieques community agencies, an estimated 85% of which are non-unique
items and 15% of which are of local authorship.

Without a central location listing the physical and digital resources available to the public, the usage of these resources and educational opportunities are stunted. This catalog will reveal the available educational resources on the island, which are currently “hidden” due to lack of search infrastructure.

In addition to cataloging and providing a distribution method for the current collection, Vieques in in dire need of more books and educational materials. Sail Relief Team is working with Vieques Lee and other nonprofits to ensure we can secure a larger, high quality, educational collection for the island. Reading is critical for growth and future resilience of the community of Vieques, helping end cycles of poverty and lack of comprehensive education.

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