Update on 2019 Activities

We’ve been busy in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020! Please bear with us as we work to more thoroughly update our website with more updates! In the meantime, here’s an edited list of what we accomplished in 2019.

These activities can be broadly grouped into the following five categories: resilient solar energy infrastructure, direct community support of both individuals and institutions, restoration projects, coalition and community building, and self-sustaining agriculture supporting food supply autonomy. However, it’s also important to recognize that there are many overlapping areas of need and opportunity, and work in one category often contributes to support in another category.

 Resilient Solar Energy Infrastructure Projects Included: 

-Delivered solar systems to 8 different islands in the Caribbean

-Via carbon-neutral sailboat, delivered enough solar kits to power one third of the homes in Ile-a-Vache, Haiti

-Assisted and deployed an energy efficiency program at the Fortin in Vieques (a four hundred year old historic site) directly leading to an 84% reduction in energy consumption

-Assisted in reevaluating currently deployed solar systems in Vieques to improve capability and efficiency

-Assisted in design, build, and deployment of solar trailer (now part of OMME on Vieques), which included physically driving the trailer from its build site in Wisconsin down to Georgia and putting it on a boat

Direct Community Support Included: 

-Provided and installed a water cistern, cleared yard, and built five chicken cages for a community member in Vieques

-Installed water pump and hoses for irrigation system at Finca Tierra Mia 

-Created, fundraised for, and facilitated a Boat Captains 100 ton training course for 12 students with a 100% pass rate

-Started a successful food security program at the Self Sustainable Educational Living Training Center

Restoration Projects Included: 

-Helped clean and reopen several beaches and trails around Vieques

-Cleared and marked several historical sites around Vieques

-Installed benches at the Ceiba Tree Park

Coalition and Community Building Included:

-Helped coordinate visits for over two hundred individuals from industry, NGO, non-NGO, and Government agencies to further advance the solar and renewable industry in Puerto Rico

-Helped, participated in and spoke at several conferences in Puerto Rico to help with the energy problems faced after Maria

-Helped advise on and collaborate in getting several laws passed regarding energy in Puerto Rico

-Advised on the formation and progress of several other nonprofits in and around Puerto Rico

Self-Sustaining Agriculture Included: 

-created a currently running a food waste collection and diversion program in partnership with multiple local restaurants on Vieques.  This program has collected over 10,000 pounds of food waste in the past year to reduce the pest problem and reduce landfill waste

-Collected over 800 pallets to be repurposed at the farm

-Hosted several educational workshops for students about self sustainability and food supply autonomy

-Hosted several school groups for educational farming activities, including treating animals humanely and creating mutually beneficial relationships with animals

-Rescued various animals around the island of Vieques

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