Earthquake Response

Sail Relief Team President Oscar and a volunteer on the roof of CAMBU in Bucarabones.

Over the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the southwest of Puerto Rico was rocked by a series of earthquakes. In early February, Sail Relief Team went to several of the Centros de Apoyo Mutuo in the affected areas to help install and maintain solar systems. A Centro de Apoyo Mutuo (CAM for short) is a community center and often the hub of a support network in more rural areas. Many CAMs are the only place in their regions with off-grid power and are of critical importance during natural disasters when aid can be weeks or months in arriving.

For the CAM in Las Carolinas, we did a solar system install and an appliance swap. In Caguas, we did a battery swap. In Lares we did a solar system install and in Bucarabones we did a phase 2 solar system install and a battery swap. All of this happened over the course of one very busy week!

We partnered with several organizations to do this work: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, the Footprint Project, the Solar Village Project, and Rockspring United Church of Christ.

As with all of our solar installs in Puerto Rico, we remain connected with the institutions to troubleshoot issues. We are so grateful to the partner organizations for offering their time and energy to get this work done.

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