Resiliency in the Face of Disaster Through Farming

Sail Relief Team has been busy promoting Resiliency on Vieques! Our newest project consists of creating a volunteer house that can be resilient and self-sufficient in the face of future disasters. The volunteer house farm became a project after local home owner became unable to continue to care for their animals and Sail Relief Team offered to let them graze on the land at the volunteer house. Soon our team saw a teaching opportunity and a way to continue the mission of resiliency by creating a volunteer house that could provide it’s own food and also serve as a teaching platform for educating the community on self sustainability through farming. We have built everything on the farm with recycled equipment including pallet fencing and work together with local restaurants to feed the animals using their food scraps.

We hope to continue growing this project and need your help to do it! Currently we have quite a few pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and couple of cats. Our funding needs include the monthly rental for the property, food for the animals and volunteers, bedding for the animals, gardening supplies, vehicle maintenance, and general non-profit operations. In addition, we are hoping to add solar powered fencing for the animals to protect them and to protect our vegetable garden from them.

The volunteers we house not only work on the farm but also work directly in the community to continue the rebuilding of Vieques after the devastating Hurricane Maria. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for day to day updates.

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