Non-profits on the Island of Vieques

For those volunteers wishing to learn what non-profits are active on the island of Vieques, below is a list of the ones of which we are aware. Please contact them directly to arrange your volunteer opportunity. Please be aware that some of these organizations are Spanish speaking only.

Health and/or Unmet Human Needs

Sail Relief Team – that’s us!

Vieques Love – “ViequesLove is a newly formed organization umbrellaed under COREFI, a registered 501c3 nonprofit in PR, working for the betterment of the community post Hurricane Maria.”

Corefi – “Providing critical access to shelter, food, water and healthcare…”

VER: Vieques en Rescate – “Vieques en Rescate, Inc. es una Fundacion de Base Comunitaria, sin fines de lucro, cuyo proposito es, poder ofrecer apoyo social, moral y economico a pacientes de Cancer residentes en la Isla Municipio de Vieques.”

Post Hurricane Maria House Repair

Hope Builders – “Building homes and rebuilding lives.” ( a post – Maria organization)

Conservation / Environment

Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust – “The VCHT’s mission is to foster, protect and conserve the environmental, archaelogical and cultural resources of Vieques. “

TICATOVE: A Vieques Conservation Group and Friend of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge – “Our primary mission is to protect and preserve the natural treasures of Vieques and the surrounding areas through the promotion and development of conservation initiatives that educate and build upon the important bond between humans and the environment.”

Education and Literacy

Boys and Girls Club of Vieques – “Ofrecerles a los niños, niñas y jóvenes esperanza de un mejor futuro y oportunidades para que se desarrollen a su máximo potencial.” The link goes to the parent organization of the local club. To learn about volunteer opportunities with the Vieques Club, please contact L. Angie Hernandez, the Education Program Leader at: lynnette(dot)hernandez(at)bgcpr(dot)org, who speaks both English and Spanish.

BiblioCeiba – “BiblioCeiba is a fully-equipped mobile classroom that brings cross-curricular dual-language instruction to communities across Vieques.”

Animal Care

Vieques Humane Society – “Vieques Humane Society (VHS) got its informal start in the mid 1980s when a group of concerned animal-loving friends launched their mission to alleviate the very visible suffering of Vieques animals. “

Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue – “OBFCR carries out its mission by offering free and low cost spay/neuter services, and by sharing its knowledge of humane animal population control through its extensive community outreach program.”
Juntos – “To promote the humane treatment of all animals on Vieques by strengthening the human-animal bond through educational awareness, outreach and direct community participation.”

Food Access and Security

la Colmena – “La Colmena Cimarrona practica la agroecología y apicultura con la intención de florecer la soberanía alimentaria en el archipiélago de Puerto Rico. Cultivamos espacios de formación y sanación para germinar la emancipación y la equidad.” (Agroecology, food security and strong communities.)

Additional NGOs and Government Agencies can be found at Vieques Insider archived page.

Religious Affiliated Organizations

To be added

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